Get the Kids to Giddy Up!

Celebrate this Thanksgiving by doing the virtual Kids’ 1/4 Mile. The virtual Kids’ 1/4 Mile allows you to create a fun experience with your family. Do it together, even if you have to be apart. Build your own course based on three different race options: 5K, 1 Mile, or ¼ Mile Kids’ run.

Schedule of Events on Thanksgiving Day:

9:00am: Want to see what it would look like to have two turkeys race? We begin with the Gobble Giddy Up ¼ mile, where our two turkeys duke it out for a ¼ mile. Which turkey is going to take home the gold in the Giddy up?

9:10am: The Tough Turkey 1 Mile Kicks off! See Alisha and Kelcie go head-to-head in a 1 mile race. Who will win the prize for the toughest turkey?

9:30am: We commence with the main course: the Gobble Gallop 5K. Tune in with us as we all run the Gobble Gallop 5K with you.

Register for the virtual run here! 

*Shirts are not included with the Gobble Giddy Up!

Packet Pickup
Duluth Running Co.

  • Monday, November 23rd | 10am-7pm
  • Tuesday, November 24th | 10am-7pm
  • Wednesday, Nov. 27 | 1-8pm


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